A Brief Mother’s Day Tribute

In honor of Mother’s Day, I want to thank my mom for the sacrifices she made and celebrate the  good qualities that she passed onto me.

My mom always supported me by showing up for every school activity that I was involved in. I thought of my mom just last week, when I was at our youngest daughter, Jennifer’s, back-to-school night. I was feeling a little jaded about going to yet another tour of the junior high campus. But then I thought about my mom. Because I was the youngest of five, by the time I was in eighth grade like Jennifer, my mom had already gone to 21 consecutive back-to-school nights. Yet she still went and acted interested in what I had to show her.

If something was important to me, my mom made it important to her. I remember numerous shopping trips so I could find just the right outfit for ninth grade promotion, my first real date or some other special occasion. I loved my ballet classes so mom always made sure I could go to class as often as I wanted, on time and fully outfitted. I used to enjoy sewing my own clothes so whenever I needed more material or supplies, mom would stop what she was doing and take me to the fabric store.

My mom and dad already had four children when she had me at age 43. It was very unusual for a woman in the 1950’s to have a baby that late in life. I know she struggled with feeling a lot older and more tired than most mothers of my classmates.

It used to drive me crazy when I would look over at her and she had fallen asleep in front of the TV by 9:30 at night. But now I completely understand. As an older and tired mom, I also often end up asleep on the couch minutes after I sit down. “Mirror, mirror on the wall. I am my mother after all.”

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