A Thank You to The Chic’s Nest

Last fall, I had some lightly worn clothing and rather than automatically donating the items, I decided take them to a consignment store. Anything I got for them would be like found money and probably yield more cash than rummaging through the sofa cushions. There are several consignment stores in town, but since I drive past the Chic’s Nest Consignment Boutique on Petaluma Boulevard several times a day when I am out running errands, that’s where I headed.

When I took the clothes in, I filled out their consignment form and made a mental note that I should check back around the first of 2009 to see if anything had sold because after that, it would be donated.

Every time I went past the Chic’s Nest around the holidays, I kept thinking I should stop by but I was always running short on time so I never went in to see if I had “earned” any money.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the Chic’s Nest had gone out of business. I’m always sorry to see a small business close; my guess was that there wasn’t very much foot traffic that far north on the Boulevard so it was a tough retail location.

I wondered if any of the clothes I had brought in had sold which would have meant a few dollars to me. If I missed out on any money, it was my fault; I should have stopped by when they told me to. The store was closed now, so the point was moot. I hoped all the merchandise got donated to a good cause and then pretty much forgot about it.

Then a couple of days ago, I brought in the mail and in a hand-addressed envelope was a check for $16.40 and a note from the owners saying that the enclosed amount was for any credit remaining on my account.

I was so surprised. There was no way I would have ever known if I was owed money. They certainly could have just kept whatever amount was due to me and anyone else. Instead they took the time to write out a check, address an envelope, put a $.42 stamp on it, and mail it to me. I wonder how many other $10, $15, and $20 dollar checks they wrote and mailed.

I tried calling the number stamped on the envelope to thank them and tell them how much I appreciated their honesty but the line was disconnected.

The enclosed note was signed “Jenny, Jon, Hazel, & Baby H.” To these good folks, I say thank you. You are a wonderful reminder that the true measure of a person’s character is what you do when no one is looking.

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