Old guys rule

When I asked Steve how he wanted to celebrate his birthday – this was one of those milestone decade birthdays – he said that what he would enjoy most would be to have dinner with our daughters who are in Southern California. Given the way they both love to tease their father about his advanced age, Steve knew he was in for a good dose of elder abuse during our visit.

So how old did Steve turn on his birthday? As Valerie, gleefully pointed out, Hitler was still alive when Steve was born and Jennifer Lynn chimed in that he is as old as most of her friends’ grandparents. But let’s put it in a Biblical perspective, Steve was only half the age of 100 year-old Abraham when Issac was born. I know that makes him feel so much better.

One note: in this day and age, there is a tangible benefit to having children late in life. When Steve qualified for Social Security benefits, we also received Social Security benefits for Jennifer Lynn until she turned 18. I guess it’s compensation for having to deal with a teenager at the same time that old age crankiness sets in. Even Obama who is graying but still a youthful 53 years-old, joked about this last week, saying that “I’m signing an executive order to get off my lawn.”

It’s been interesting to see how Jennifer Lynn who is now a college freshman responds to having a septuagenarian father. She uses it as a point of distinction among her friends. Her father may not be the richest or most well known but he is the oldest.

But that’s only part of it. If Steve was in failing health or decrepit, I’m quite sure Jennifer Lynn wouldn’t be nearly so eager to talk about his age. The reality is that Steve is blessed with good genes so he looks at least 10 years younger than his age, he’s slim and in excellent physical shape, and while there are some 70 year-olds who are just learning how to use email, Steve’s skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and many other complex programs are as up-to-date as our 22 year-old daughter’s. And no retirement in his future; he’s working as hard and growing the business even more than when he was a mere kid at 45.

So the teasing can all be in good fun; we’re all proud of the old guy.

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