Anticipating a speedy recovery

So with Steve’s bypass surgery less than two weeks away, we are starting to think about what kind of preparations we need to make for when he comes home from the hospital – which frankly is a little scary for me, especially when the word “caregiver” is tossed around to describe my role in his recovery.

As Steve will tell you, when it comes to taking care of people when they are sick, I’m a devoted and compassionate caregiver for about an hour and then it’s time for them to get dressed, go to work or school, quit whining, and while you’re at it, salute!  In the family that I grew up in, being sick was only for wimps. Did I mention my German heritage?

The really great thing is that my kids cooperated with me by almost never getting sick. Jennifer Lynn literally never missed a day of school until she got to high school. I don’t take any credit for this, she is just blessed with a Teflon immune system.

Okay, so I’m not so great at caring for sick people. But Steve won’t be sick, he’s going to be recovering and rehabilitating so maybe he won’t need the same kind of care that a sick child needs. In fact, I think what will really speed up his recovery is resuming all of his household chores just as soon as possible – nevermind that his sternum is being held together by duct tape and wire – the cats’ litter boxes are looking pretty nasty.

Hey, I’m only trying to help.

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