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Hello all,

This is Colleen’s daughter, Jennifer, writing to say that unfortunately my mother will be unable to post one of her beloved blogs this week due to the fact that she is desperately in need of some rest.

The reason for this is because in addition to working, cooking and cleaning, she is filling out tax forms – it’s the FAFSA Part Deux – for the incredibly extensive College Board Profile for financial aid. She is doing this so the colleges I am applying to will see just how much we cannot afford their ridiculous tuition rates, grant me oodles of money and I will be able to escape a life in Cotati.

As a small token of my gratitude for her filling out forms that I would in no way be able to understand, I promised to write this explanation to you, readers, so you all would not be too distraught in her absence. This should really be a testament to my mother’s commitment and dedication, that even with her huge number of responsibilities, she values your readership enough to not want to leave you hanging without any sort of update.

Nevertheless rest assured, Colleen will be back next week, ready to go with her vast artillery of easy-to-relate-to and witty observations.

So until we meet again, thanks for reading.

Jennifer Rustad

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