Thankful Thought #2

Our business year end is coming up at the end of June and that means sending off a bunch of reports and statements to our accountant. I can find my way around QuickBooks for invoices and day to day entries, but when it comes to pulling together the data into a way that means something to a CPA, I’m out of my element. I start stressing that it is going to be a difficult process.

So when our bookkeeper came this afternoon and in a matter of a half an hour imported the numbers from QuickBooks into neat looking Excel spread sheets and had the information on its way to the accountant, I felt like I was watching a chef whip up a soufflé that she had made a thousand times. She made it look so easy. It was such a relief to be reminded that I don’t have to know how to do everything. Thank goodness for a pro who’s there to help me; it really lightens my load.

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