No news is good news

It’s been one week since Ethan began basic combat training and we haven’t heard from him.

One of these soldiers could be Ethan

We didn’t really expect a phone call because the “Guide for Future Soldiers and Their Families” said that in BCT “phone calls are for emergencies only.” But then the next line seems contradictory because it says that “Soldiers can earn special phone call privileges.” Which of course, makes me wonder what task or quality earns them a phone call? A bed made so tightly that a quarter will bounce off of it? Once again, everything I know about basic training I learned in the movies. I’m counting on Ethan to set me straight once he graduates from BCT.

For this generation of soldiers, I have to wonder if instead of a phone call home, it would be more motivating for them if they could earn internet or video game time for doing a zillion push ups or a really good job scrubbing the toilets with a tooth brush. My guess is Ethan would rather spend two minutes on IMDB reading reviews of Taken 2 than talking to us and getting the latest news from Cotati, CA.

The other day, I was chatting with a friend about the highly restricted communication for Ethan while he’s in BCT and they asked me, “Can he write?”

“You know, I’m not sure. I’ve haven’t actually seen him communicate in any way that didn’t involve a keyboard since he was in sixth grade. So I don’t know if he actually can write by using a pen and paper.”

I took me a minute…“Oh, you mean, ‘Is he allowed to write?!’” “Yes, I think so.”

The word from other parents is that the drill sergeants make the soldiers write letters. So I’m hopeful that a letter postmarked South Carolina will arrive in our mailbox this week. I wouldn’t be surprised if it said, “What kind of reviews did Taken 2 get? Love, Ethan.”

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